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 Welcome to Law Week 2017

Law Week is presented by the Victoria Law Foundation and is an annual festival of mainly free events held all over Victoria aimed at the general public with the intention of making learning about the law easy and fun.

The Murray Mallee Community Legal Service has a number of events planned for this very important week on our calendar.

Mildura Weekly gave great coverage of our events in their Friday 12th Edition

Mildura Weekly article May 12th

We attended Storm Recovery forums with Mildura Rural City Council to assist people in Merbein and Red Cliffs who are struggling after last November's storms.

Sunraysia-Daily May16-Storm Recovery article

Liana Buchanan Commissioner for Children and Young People Neither Seen nor heard Wednesday 17th May

TAFE event on Wednesday 17th May

Mildura Arts Centre Arts Law events

Check out some common problems that people may have that are legal issues.

I just found out I'm pregnant, do I have to name the father?
My partner and I have separated, what am I entitled to take with me?
My partner is verbally abusive and I'm frightened for my safety
The father of my children doesn't pay child support.
My employer isn't paying me the right wages.
I've got some fines I can't pay
I've crashed my car and the other driver's insurance company is chasing me for money.
My ex won't let me see my kids.

We will also be at Mildura Central on Friday 19th May from 9.30am - 5.30pm outside the Target entrance. Come and see us for information on a wide range of legal topics.

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